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WISE Summer School 2023

WISE Summer School 2023

The WISE Summer School programme is an initiative to carry forth the mission to rearticulate and reinstitute the philosophical framework of the mind that is based on the worldview of Islam for men and women of intelligence, integrity and responsibility. 

In 2014, CASIS in partnership with HAKIM and PEACEMEAL organised the very first WISE Summer School on the 22nd to 28th of June that year. The programme attracted a total of 58 participants from local and abroad, including Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, and the United States of America.

As a general statement:

  1. The true meaning of self is built upon a secure knowledge foundation
  2. The knowledge culture and its comprehensive elucidation must be disseminated widely
  3. The synergistic contributions of individuals across multi-generations serve to strengthen the unity of people based on their mutual understanding and concern in regard to knowledge 

Such situations as outlined above can be achieved by:

  1. Developing the meaning of self on the foundation of knowledge according to Islamic tradition
  2. Organizing various lecture series that provide an understanding about the knowledge culture along with strategies for strengthening it for continuous implementation
  3. Enlarging the roles and contributions of multi-generational people through the inculcation of the knowledge-culture as a stepping-stone towards the unification of the Muslim people.

The need for strengthening the Muslim collective understanding about the meaning of self becomes ever more crucial today due to the nature of the challenges that face contemporary societies.  The understanding of the true self can be acquired by enlivening the knowledge-culture via educational programs such as the Worldview of Islam Summer School.